Bringing deep melodic rock, Brite-VU drives a resounding tone with their combination of strong vocal rhythms and driving choruses. Based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Brite-VU has evolved into an explosive original rock band.

Since hitting the scene in 2007, the boys have kept busy from playing all over the Maritimes to releasing an EP in 2007 and their 1st debut album "Time Intertwined" in 2009. Their first single, "Crash" hit the radio waves in 2010 to great acclaim and Brite-VU followed it up several months later with a music video for the song "Speechless".

Comprised of lead vocal and guitar Robb Medwid, bassist Jay Darrow ,drummer Steve DeWolfe and most recently Stephen Elliott lead guitar and vocals this band has continued to grow and harness their strengths to provide a powerful, and dynamic sound with a varied melodic wave.

"I immediately want to hear more from this band."

-Stuart Messenger

"How many times have you caught yourself saying 'There's nothing left to say" ' Brite-Vu's "Speechless" helps remind the listener, that we've all been there before"

-Andru Valpy (The Aimless & Andy Show)Winnipeg

"The band with the big sound, sensuous and sexy vocals, and the ability to rock themselves straight into our hearts and music libraries. Instrumentation is tight. Time Intertwined should be in every playlist, every radio station and in the hand of every listener!!"

-Indie Showcase. Sydney,Australia

"Brite Vu has a lot to offer rock music fans who appreciate great songs that offer more than just the stereotypical sex and drugs of the rock genre. After sitting through the songs this band has available, I advise any rock fan to check these guys out."

-IAE Magazine